Marrakech's Work to Learn Programs Seek Community Partnership Board Members

What are Work to Learn Programs?
Marrakech operates two Work to Learn programs in Connecticut, one in Waterbury and one in New Haven. The goal of the program is to assist youth in foster care with successfully transitioning to adulthood. For youth to be successful, it is critical that they have opportunities for success.

What is a Community Partnership Board?
Community Partnership Boards are local community initiatives focused on improving services to children, youth and their families, while also meeting the local business community’s needs. The New Haven and Waterbury Work to Learn program sites are looking for members of local businesses and other community stakeholders (i.e., nonprofits, educational institutions, government agencies) that are interested in participating on these boards in an effort to provide opportunities to youth involved with Department of Children and Families (DCF) as well as meet their own workforce needs.

What is Required to Participate?
~Attend quarterly meetings, in either New Haven or Waterbury (refreshments will be provided)
~An interest and willingness to create opportunities and pathways to success for youth in your community

Unable to Participate, but Still Interested in Helping?
Please consider recommending any colleagues, business partners, friends or family that may be interested in participating on one of Marrakech’s Community Partnership Boards.

Want to Participate, Recommend Someone, or Have Questions?
Please contact Gerry Zarra, Vice President of Workforce Development Services at gzarra@marrakechinc.org or by calling (203) 415-7843.

Thank You for Considering This Opportunity!


Marrakech received New Haven Mayor's Neighborhood Cultural Vitality Grant

We are excited to announce that East Street Arts, a social enterprise of Marrakech, Inc., was awarded $5,000 for a Public Art Project through the Mayor’s Neighborhood Cultural Vitality Grant.

The grant will be used to create permanent public art on the exterior of the East Street Arts studio. Artists with disabilities will be involved in the creation of the exterior public art in order to showcase their cultural contributions in the community.

The Public Art Project is made possible with the support of the City of New Haven Mayor's Community Arts Program. The unveiling ceremony/reception is expected to be held in May 2017, in time for the one-year Anniversary of the Grand Opening in 2016.

To learn more about East Street Arts, visit http://www.eaststreetartsnh.org/


Marrakech,Inc Receives Grant from the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Marrakech Inc. is pleased to announce it has received $20,000 in grants from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. These funds will support the Work to Learn Program in 2017, a DCF funded program providing services for youth transitioning from foster care services.
The first grant will provide youth in foster care money for asset purchases through the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative, Opportunity Passport™ program. $10,000 will be available to participating youth for matching funds for education, housing, health care, and transportation. This award was made available through an Anonymous Donor.
The second $10,000 grant was awarded so that Marrakech Inc. can support financial coaching integration as part of the Opportunity Passport™ program. This award was made available through the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Family Economic Success unit.

Both grants are intended to ensure all youth are on a path to success by promoting economic well being and increasing financial capability/stability.


Embracing Human Potential

 To embrace: accept or support (a belief, theory, or change) willingly and enthusiastically; to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly

Potential: having or showing the capacity to become or develop into something in the future; latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success; that which is possible

We know that you have the potential to reach your goals in life.

We believe not only in who you are, but also in who we know you will become.

We act to move you towards your greatest potential in life -both as an individual and as a member of your community.

We believe this for the people we support as well as for our employees

We accomplish many goals for our community, every day.

We stand for one goal above all else: embracing human potential.