Dr. Katey: The New 90’s and Why Fitness is So Important!

On Friday, June 13, 2014, Dr. Katey Houser came to speak to employees about why fitness is so important and how engaging in even a little bit of fitness activity can not only prolong our lives, but make those years into our 90’s much more enjoyable!

Dr. Katey said we all have a choice: Growth or Decay. She asked the employees if they heard about what George Bush did to celebrate his 90th birthday, and let them know that he jumped out of an airplane! She then shared with the group that she knows other aging folks that are headed into their 90’s too, but are more likely to be celebrating their 90th  birthday sitting in a wheelchair with lots of disease to deal with. She told the group that it’s all about tipping the scales towards feeling so great you could jump out of an airplane and not towards having a body full of disease. 

Dr. Katey told the employees that fitness is the key! She highly recommended a book called Younger Next Year for Women (there is one for men, too!) Live Strong, Fit, and Sexy - Until You’re 80 and Beyond by Chris Crowley and Henry S. Ledge, M.D. which explains a lot about what we can do to turn back our biological clocks.  The book talks about how, when we work out regularly (even just a little bit), our bodies create chemistry in our blood that can repair other inflammation and damage that can occur when we eat fatty and unhealthy foods.

Dr. Katey said that even if we try to do 2-3 days of a combination of cardio and weight training exercises, it will tip the balance from decay to growth! We should find the best time for our lifestyles to get that exercise in. Everyone is different, but if we can remember to take the first step and get out “feet on the floor”, our bodies will be able to handle stress better and fight off disease much more quickly.

Final thought: Being proactive with our health is cheaper and easier than being reactive!

Thank you, Dr. Katey, for another motivating talk!