Young Adult Services at Marrakech!

Walking past the Village CafĂ© on Whalley Avenue in New Haven on a random Wednesday evening, you may wonder what all the activity and music are about!  If you are a young adult and stopped in, you would even have a chance to be a part of all that action, and you might just get a glimpse of a rising star! What is this hoppin’ happening?  It’s just one of the activities Marrakech’s Young Adult Services offers: “Open Mic Night”.  It’s held every second Wednesday of the month from 5p-7p! It’s a place where young adults in the community can come together to sing, dance, or recite poetry in a supportive, accepting atmosphere.

Young Adults Services at Marrakech provides residential services to young adults with behavioral health service needs at two different sites located in New Haven as well as some young adults living on their own in the community. While the two sites fulfill slightly different service needs, they are similar in that they are apartment-style homes, have 24/7 staff onsite and provide support and instruction aimed at increasing the residents' abilities to manage symptoms and live more independently in the community.  Residents of all locations are provided with clinical services through the West Haven Connecticut Mental Health Center's Young Adult Services team.  The Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services also contracts with WAGE to provide employment services to the young adults.

We will be featuring this program on Marrakech’s Facebook page over the next few weeks, so make sure to “like” the Facebook page and go back often to check out more information about their program, as well as “Ten Lessons for Those Working With Young Adults and Teens”.  I bet there is something we can all learn in each lesson that we can use in our lives!