Introducing Tim Balser and B.A.S.S!

Marrakech is proud to announce Tim Balser, a consumer in Marrakech's Young Adult Services program, has developed a new business called B.A.S.S, which is short for Balser Asperger’s Syndrome Services!

Tim, Founder and President of B.A.S.S, is a 24 year old entrepreneur who has Asperger’s Syndrome Disorder, or ASD. He is a graduate of Franklin Academy in East Haddam, CT and Chapel Haven in New Haven, CT. Having a lifetime of first hand experience and successfully overcoming many of the personal challenges Asperger’s Syndrome brings, Tim had the inspiration to create a program that provides tips and strategies on working with someone who has ASD.

His hope is that, by using his ideas and integrated approach to care, friends and family members will be able to better cope with issues they may be experiencing with their loved one with ASD.

Please see Tim’s Introductory Letter below!

If you are interested in hearing more about Tim's services, he can be reached by phone at (203) 868-9084, or via email at timothyjohnbalser@gmail.com

We congratulate Tim and wish him the best of luck on this exciting new journey!

Tim's Introductory Letter

Hello and welcome to Balser Asperger’s Syndrome Services or B.A.S.S, for short! I am very pleased to work with you as is my multidisciplinary team of colleagues (known as my Advisory Panel), and would like to take this time to announce some exciting features of our program, as well as inform you of upcoming events. Whether you are new to the world of Asperger’s Syndrome and related disorders, or an expert I hope you enjoy this letter, and even consider joining me on this journey to improving the lives of people with ASD’s (Autism Spectrum Disorders).

First, let me introduce myself. I, Timothy J. Balser have Asperger’s myself, am nearing 23 years old, and have successfully completed (via graduation) two Asperger’s Syndrome programs. One is Franklin Academy of East Haddam, Connecticut and the other is Chapel Haven in New Haven, Connecticut. However, I had the inspiration (not to mention almost 23 years of firsthand experience) to create a program for families seeking a more 1:1, individualized approach or those seeking one that is closer to home, not to mention cost-effective. I am the Founder and President of B.A.S.S. and I am confident and hopeful that my team’s integrated approach to care will make a profound impact on you and your family member or friend with ASD/Asperger’s lives. Outside of work, I enjoy socializing with friends and family, and including my long-term girlfriend who also has an ASD, Allison (or Allie Pellet, travelling the world (especially to Aruba!), playing Wii and board games, cooking, reading and writing, and cheering on my beloved New York sports teams! Look for more information on our staff as we move forward with this exciting endeavor!

You may be asking yourself what can B.A.S.S. provide for my family member or friend? Great question! What I hope people served by B.A.S.S. will take from this experience, is: A positive outlook, increased knowledge in the field of Asperger’s, and most importantly, tips and strategies to work with your ASD friend, family member, student, etc. Many of the members of my outstanding team are close personal friends of mine, who ever since I’ve known them, are amazing people, not to mention tolerant, caring, accommodating and most of all, PATIENT with me, and for that I am eternally grateful, and they even have the willingness to assist in any way possible to make B.A.S.S. as successful as it can be.

I look forward to giving this presentation, as well as being of assistance and answering any questions you may have.

Yours truly,

Timothy John Balser
President and Founder of Balser Asperger’s Syndrome Services

P.S. If you so desire, my email address is: timothyjohnbalser@gmail.com or you may also call me on my cell phone at (203) 868-9084 to spark a conversation about this exciting opportunity, as well as to schedule a face-to-face meeting if you’d like to know more about Asperger’s or myself.


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Recruitment Extravaganza May 12-15!

If you or someone you know is interested in and qualified for a career in Human Services and interested in helping to make a difference in the lives of those with various disabilities, here is some information not to be missed!

Marrakech is looking for you! We are growing and have many opportunities for Para Professionals for our Children's program, Support Staff for our Acquired Brain Injury and Independent Living Support Services programs, as well as Substitutes and Per Diem Staff for all of our programs! We offer paid training, mileage reimbursement and many generous benefits (including an employee referral bonus)!

Open House events will be held:

Monday, May 12 in Torrington from 11am-1pm
Tuesday, May 13 in Stamford from 11am-2pm
Wednesday, May 14 in West Haven 9a-2pm
Thursday, May 15 in Middletown from 10am-1pm

See flyers below for details!

It couldn't be easier to apply! For those who are interested, please complete the application online at www.marrakechinc.org, print it out and bring to one of three upcoming Open House events listed below! The application can even be emailed or faxed to us prior to the Open Houses so we have it in advance (see contact information below)!

If you or a qualified applicant you know is unable to attend one of these events, please feel free to contact Lisa Pharr at 203-389-2970 extension 1122 and she will be able to arrange another time to meet with you.

If you have qualified friends, neighbors, family members or acquaintances interested in applying, please pass this information along!