Marrakech's Diane Millan Joins Rotary Club of Woodbridge

Marrakech is excited to announce that Diane Millan, Vice President of Risk Management, was inducted into the Rotary Club of Woodbridge this month.

The Rotary Club is a local, as well as international, organization focused on giving back to their community. The Woodbridge Rotary has done clean up programs for parks in the area, provided dictionaries to young children, and hosted a holiday party for residents at Southbury Training School. They have also held food and coat drives. Diane recently participated in the holiday party the Rotary hosted for the local Senior Center.

When Diane was in high school, her family hosted international exchange students. Eventually, she applied to be one and was chosen to spend her junior year living in Mexico. That exchange program was sponsored by Rotary International. Fast forward several years later and an opportunity arose to attend a Rotary meeting when Diane met Anna Dickerson, Secretary for the Rotary Club of Woodbridge, at Marrakech's Health and Wellness Fair this past October.

Diane says, "I decided that Marrakech, as a Woodbridge-based company, would benefit from connections and networking in Rotary. Rotary is not only an organization that gives back locally but the opportunity exists to get involved at a higher level through the districts or on an international level. No matter where I travel, I can call on other Rotarians and create connections for Marrakech and myself through Rotary."

The current Rotary venture that has peaked Diane's interest is to work with a group of high school students in a club called Interact that is supported by Rotary. These students plan and budget for various community service projects of interest to them, such as creating clean water sources for countries or areas where clean water is an issue.

Marrakech is proud of Diane, as well as our many other employees who volunteer their time to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Thank you for your service and dedication!

Diane Millan, pictured with fellow Rotarians (L-R): Bill DeRosa, President of Diversified Employment, Caty Poole, Executive Director of Massaro Farms, and Carol Yingling, Minister/author