Oak Tree Day Program Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Folks at Marrakech’s Oak Tree Day Program showed their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month on October 14th, 2015 by presenting ten handmade baskets full of pink goodies to people they knew who have had or have breast cancer, and to the Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center in Waterbury, the Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center in Hartford and the New Britain Cancer Center. 

Employees and the people supported at the day program donated five dollars each to purchase the items, then assembled the items into ten Breast Cancer Awareness Baskets.  On October 14, they had a celebration and honored those who have been affected by breast cancer by wearing pink, decorating the building in all pink and enjoying pink food at tables with pink centerpieces made by Nakiesha Davis, Assistant Manager of Oak Tree.  Nakiesha, whose grandmother was a recipient of one of the handmade baskets, said that the individuals supported at Oak Tree did such a great job assembling the baskets and that the day was a great success!  

Way to go, Oak Tree!  


October Quality of Life Activities

We Are Excited to Announce...

East Street Arts is Open for Business! 

Part of our team at East Street Arts! We are ready for
City Wide Open Studio's 
Transported Weekend event this weekend
12 'm to 9 pm Saturday and 12 pm to 6 pm on Sunday! 
East Street Arts is a newly renovated and expanded arts building at 597 East Street in the Upper State Street district of New Haven. East Street Arts is dedicated to fostering the creation of art through artisan training programs, workshops and community interactions for persons of all abilities. The artists benefit from earned income opportunities while they show and sell their work in the attached retail and gallery space.

East Street Arts houses both an Art Studio and the Association of Artisans to Cane, a caning studio that has been serving Connecticut and providing employment opportunities for people of all abilities for 30 years. Artisans learn many different styles of caning and use these skills to work on chairs that are dropped off for repair by community members. Chairs that have been donated and repaired are also available for sale in our retail space. Artisans are trained in the art through hands-on learning, working on pieces with oversight of a Master caner. The artisans progress at their own individual pace. As one style of caning is mastered, another style can be then taught. Currently, the individuals have the opportunity to learn hand caning, press caning rush and split weaving, as well as other techniques.

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597 East Street 

New Haven, CT