Who We Are


To provide residential, employment, support, referral, and advocacy services to individuals with disabilities and people with similar service needs to assist them in exercising their human rights as citizens and contributing members of society.


Our Vision is that each person we serve will live and work in the community and be accepted by his or her neighbors, co-workers, family, friends and acquaintances for his or her individual qualities and contributions.


The organization was founded in 1971 by two Yale undergraduates who believed that people could and should be served in a way that promotes their ability to self-direct their lives. Over thirty years later, Marrakech, Inc. subscribes to a practice that assures that each person who is referred for services has a highly individualized service plan. Marrakech works diligently with funding sources to use resources effectively. The organization is accredited by CARF International...The Accreditation Commission for its community employment services, residential programs and community support services. Last year, Marrakech provided services to almost 1,300 people who face challenges including developmental and acquired disabilities, mental illness and/or substance abuse and economic challenges.

Marrakech, Inc. provides services throughout the state of Connecticut with day program centers located at the following addresses.