What's Most Important

People First. Dignity and Respect. It’s what we all want. It’s what we all believe in. It’s why we do what we do, every single day. And because you are a part of the Marrakech family of supporters, we’re willing to bet a pretty big chunk of change that you are, like us, interested in spreading these ideas to whomever you are able to spread them to. Well, get ready, because we are about to spread them like wildfire!

Here’s the back-story: As it happens (often, around here), great minds think alike. Our Multicultural Advisory Council recently came up with the idea of supporting a Dignity & Respect Campaign (www.dignityandrespect.org), which is happening in March and encourages, for 30 days, everyone to do their part to make the world a better place by treating everyone with dignity and respect. It’s pretty simple. Treat people the way they want to be treated.

At the same time, some other forward-thinking Marrakech folks came up with the idea of kicking off a People First Language Initiative, which would help remind and encourage everyone to be aware of the words they use and to make sure they are using “people first” language. People with disabilities (one out of every five Americans) are, first and foremost, people who have their own individual stories, abilities, interests and needs. They are brothers, sisters, moms, dads, sons, daughters, aunts and uncles. They are students, teachers, coworkers and supervisors. They are artists, actors, basketball players and writers. The goal of this initiative is to remind everyone to stop describing people by a label of their medical diagnosis and give them the value and respect that everyone deserves.

So, although these two ideas are closely related, instead of bombarding everyone with both groups ideas and messages at the same time, it was decided that the Multicultural Advisory Council would begin their Dignity & Respect Campaign March 1st, by sharing via social media, 30 tips in 30 days of ways that we can show Dignity & Respect to one another, which will then lead into a Marrakech-wide People First Language Initiative, which will feature different and fun reminders to change the way we often speak about the people we work for every day.

We are excited to continue to spread the word and help to empower and advocate with the people who are such a big part of our lives! Stay tuned to Facebook and Twitter beginning March 1st for your tips and ideas! Sometimes it’s the smallest changes that we make that cause the biggest impact!