Teamwork, compassion, problem solving, innovation and experience...

Dear Friend of Marrakech:

A miracle happened in New Haven in August 2016. My son Karl, who has autism, began living in his own apartment. If anyone had seen Karl when he was 3 years old flapping his hands, not speaking and uninterested in human contact, they would have never dreamed that at age 26 he would be living in his own apartment. We have many agencies and people to thank for this miracle for it truly takes a village to make what happened to Karl a reality.

One agency that is central to Karl’s success in the New Haven community has been Marrakech. When I first met Faith Mann from Marrakech back in July of 2016 I knew I needed someone with her passion and expertise to head up the community support part of Karl’s program. I was equally thrilled when her assistant, Brett Perry, became the main support person to assist Karl with shopping, budgeting, laundry and even organizing a “guys night out”. Bev takes Karl to a weekly dance at his church and Bobby helps Karl with chores around the house and even cuts Karl’s hair. Karl has limited language but when he talked about his Marrakech staff he always has a smile in his voice and is calm in their presence. 

Marrakech also works very well with the other people on Karl’s team such as home health aides, Karl’s landlady and staff at Karl’s recreation and day program at Chapel Haven. Teamwork, compassion, problem solving, innovation and experience all combine to keep the Marrakech community support piece of Karl’s program humming along. We feel very blessed to have Marrakech assume such an important role in our son Karl’s life.

Lynn S. Arezzini

P.S. The dollars you invest in Marrakech help to support services like the ones my son Karl receives. Please consider making a donation today.

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